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fox won the cable race. >> and one out of every six. go fox. >> i think that's it. bye-bye. we're welcome to "red eye." aisle greg gutfeld or as i am known in columbia, jennifer love-hewitt. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, who are the biggest winners and losers of wednesday night's presidential debate. well that was a stupid question. there is only one winner and one loser. and should sex offenders be allowed to put up halloween decorations? we report and most likely decide. and finally a florida school district continues in stalling surveillance cameras in cafeterias to monitor what foods students are throwing in the garbage. >> don't though why they can't save money by having bill schulz go through dumpsters.
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>> the bust is going great. as you know my bust model i am going from november 28th to december 23rd to florida, alabama, georgia, tennessee, but i am going to the villages. i love the villages. >> greg, let me ask you, anything going on on the bus riding now? >> a lot of people want to know. what is the average life inside the bus? >> i thought i would bring tape. >> when i do this they all fall on top of each other. >> don't do that. >> it is a man shake. >> it looks fun. it is good to weed out the nonregular viewers right off
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the top of the show. >> go to daily gut to find out about the bus tour. go away, andy. don't need you anymore. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot she is mistaken for the equator. i am here with diane macedo. and she is so smart that dictionaries use her to look up big words. it is liz mcdonald, fox business network's stocks editor. and in romania he is considered a stick. it is bill schulz. and if comedic genius was a fog horn, sailors would blow him during bad weather. the comedian, tom shallou. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> yes, it is. well, one was on his game and the other was lame. round one went to the more mon. in wednesday night's debate, mitt aggressively attacked the economy, the health care and the deficit while obama looked
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like a board employee at best buy. romstein pumped himself up with a game of jenga and continued to rattle his opponent with lines like these. >> you put $90 billion like 50 years worth of breaks into solar wind and cylindra. i have a friend who says you don't just pick the winners and the losers. you pick the losers. mr. president, you are on your own plane and not your own facts. >> pining for yogurt by dannon. romney staired his opponent down and obama just stared down and stared down some more. he is sta ri ng down. wow, he looks down a lot. on thursday obama's depressed advisors said adjustments would be made. perhaps he should prepare
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less. >> on the left, the debate is separated into six, 15-minute segments focusing heavily on the economy. touching down in denver, president obama has prepared for for these debates than any sitting president than the modern era. >> that's cute. tom, the president looked more like the president of a justin bieber fan club over the greatest country ever. >> he is the best at going down those stairs. they should have the debate on the stairs. >> they should. talking while going down the stairs is dangerous. >> i never do it. >> i talk when i go up. i never talk when i go down. >> and i hold the railing. i don't care if it looks nerdy. i don't want to fall. >> i get panicky if there is no railing. how did we tbet on this topic? >> look, there is no news here. the news is there is no news. everyone is acting surprised. what happened to obama? he had a bad performance, he
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had a bad day? he is always like this. have you ever seen a press conference? boring. anything except one of his speeches is boring. he is not that impressive. he was never good with the facts. he does a lot of mumbly-bumbly. >> unless he does the southern thing. that is great. obama pointed out five times that me and romney agreed on the same things. it was like he was docile to a fault. >> he seemed like he had a man crush on him. he seemed starstruck. >> let's stick with starstruck. i think he was starstruck. >> didn't he seem that way? he was giggling and nodding his head a lot and he was really taken as if he would not go to a half court basketball game. >> he was more interested than debating him. i can't say i blame him. romney is gorgeous. he is successful and kind of a nice guy. he looked down. why did obama look down a lot? >> he was surprised and was caught a little off guard by
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how well prepared romney was for this debate. quite frankly i was too. i think i was looking down because he was nervous for that reason. i think he was also looking down at his notes trying to find points to i can ma. in -- points to make. that being said he lacked a lot of details. and while he caught obama on a bad day, he needs to be prepared for the next one. i don't think obama will make the same mistake twice. >> statistically you don't get two big debate showings in a roa. you don't beat the team 14-0 two days in a row. >> can't obama say the 40 percent video is a bad thing. or will that look lame that he is pushing that point. >> did he miss the window? >> i don't think it is about bane or the 47%. when fer you are doing -- when ever you are doing a debate, you are bound to miss some, but he missed all but one.
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>> everyone supporting obama wanted him to be angry and jump on romney when he was playing fast and loose with the facts. instead he looked like he wanted a nap. i called this from the beginning, and i will tell you why. when you watch when they come in, romney's flag pin lapel was at least 10 times bigger than obama. this is why he is the best one on "the view." sorry "the five,"" the view." he has the giant pin. he will take over the table. >> it is a door opener. i want to talk -- there was a thing that a lot of celebrities were doing. they were going after a yellow icon. >> what things would i cut from spending? first of all i would eliminate all programs by this test if
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they don't pass it. is the program so critical it is worth bar -- borrowing money to pay for it? obama care is on my list. i apologize, mr. president. i use that term with all respect. >> good. i will get rid of that. i made a stop to pbs. i love big bird. i actually like you too. >> was this a good thing, a bad thing or a thing? >> i after all of the chatter, i thought he said i am going to cut big bird. i am going to cut the subsidee. i like big bird. he said he liked him. i didn't remember that. >> if would be great if he said, no, i will cut big bird like a prison shiv. >> by the way, maybe it is me, liz, who likes big bird? he was the least likable. he was big, clumsy, horrible. >> you know who i didn't like?
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snufalupogous. he was a downer. >> i liked the grouch. >> what's his name? >> oscar. >> ons -- >> romney, what was missing in this debate is romney wants advertising on pbs. he wants general mills corn flakes and have pbs be sustained by the free market advertising and not the taxpayer dollars. >> which makes sense. >> why don't they just do it? >> i don't know. you are asking somebody who didn't go to the research. >> they pause and go to the people with the mugs and umbrellas umbrellas and sell a few birds. >> congress tried to do that several times, well the republicans have, but it gets voted down every time they try. >> it is a marginal issue. but it is still money. >> it is mark rine or -- margerine or marginal? if you want to shove big bird you have to go to the under
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bellow. under belly. pbs is a nonissue. they get 3% of their funding from the government. they will just have more annoying drives. >> they should fend for themselves. >> i actually like them. >> i love old pbs. >> judy collins. >> mr. rogers, i loved mr. rogers. >> can you see him putting on his sneakers? >> that's why i feel i am special. it is all evidence to the contrary. easy still say i am special because it is not the things you wear, tom shaw lieu -- shlou. it is you. i want to show this new rth c ad called "the smurf." >> you said you cut the deficit in half and we still have a trillion dollar deficit. my view is we need to provide a tax relief to the people in
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the middle class. the people having a hard time right now are middle income americans. under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they have been crushed. middle income americans have seen their income come gasoline prices have dibbled under the president, electric rates are up, food prices are up. health care costs have gone up 2500 a family. if you are re-elected we will get to a trillion dollar debt. you have said before you cut the deficit in half. in order to bring the cost of health care down we don't need a board of 15 people telling us what kinds of treatments we should have. >> the funny thing sthat was an rnc ad showing president obama smirking while romney was talking. and it occurred to me in the break that this is like a dnc ad they did. i was telling tom that where they showed and their point was mitt romney was mean. so the ad actually works for
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romney and for obama. don't you think that was an amazing idea i came up with that you did not come up with? >> we had a great discussion while it was running. the ad is similar. the dth c ad is supposed to make -- the dnc ad is supposed to make him look mean and interruptiing. but it is interruptiing romney the whole ad and then it says, mitt romney, he's not nice. but it is a great ad for romney. >> do you think it is being rude? >> no, but everyone calls that a smirk. that's fundamentally wrong. let me show what you a smirk is. that was a stiegle. that's when you stifle a giggle. it looked like obama was thinking about something funny but he couldn't laugh on live tv so he was going like this. >> that's a nose giggle. >> it was a stiggle. >> they have to work on their listening face. the face they make when they are listening to the other
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person talk. >> that's a great question. >> he finishes his point and then goes like this. he literally looked like he had a crush on obama and was dreaming about him. and obama was making that -- that giggle or smirk face. and he was president even listening. >> if somebody is talking, the republican ad was brilliant. they took something obama couldn't control which is his face -- what do you do when somebody else is talking? what do you do? there is going to be a camera on you. i would instinctively be picking my nose or something. >> it happens every half time report. they have andy on one side and me on the other. when andy is talking i look like a dunce. >> but they have coaches surrounding them to cor choreograph their every move. work on it. >> did you ever coach a president? >> you don't do what gore did and go --
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>> that was great. i want to talk about some of the odder media responses to the debate, and there were tons. not literally a ton because that is 2,000 pounds. the funniest is al gore. for you kids he was secretary of cats or something. here is goring's explanation for for -- here is gore's explanation for the sukiness. >> obama arrived in denver at 2:00 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate started. romney did his debate prep in denver. when you go to 5,000 feet, and you only have a few hours to adjust, i don't know, maybe -- >> this is idiotic. if the president wants to do his debate prep, show up earliment if you are tired get a five-hour energy drink or a
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starbucks coffee. >> by the way, he did his accentance speech in 2007 -- i can't remember. i wrote it down. >> it was 1982. >> 1982, and he had no complaints then. you are lying to me. 1982. 2008. denver 2008. >> sacramento 1982. >> i wrote pathetic. >> i wrote awesome. >> he is a hiker. he loves to hike up mountains. he knows about the death zone and the lack of oxygen. >> seems like he is hiking up mountains of food. >> i don't understand why they bother. he is still the incumbent and still popular, and there are more debates to come. why do they make up excuses like this? they just make it worse. >> he started out with al gore saying i want to say something controversial. >> it is not controversial. it is just stupid. i want to move to chris matthews who had the paramedics on uh lert. but there was one good piece of advice, watch more fox news. >> where was obama tonight?
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he should watch -- well not just "hard paul" but watch you and reverend al and lawrence. he would learn something about this debate. there is a hot debate going on in the country. you know where it is being held? here on this network. that's where we are having the debate. we have our knives out. we go after the people and the facts. what was he doing tonight? >> bill, can he win back chris matthews? >> if you lost chris matthews, do you lose the south? >> no, you lose chris matthews. >> i would say -- first of all i kind of agree with that. they send athletes out weeks ahead of time if they are going to play because the change is so different. it did look like he had the air sucked out of him. he is the president. he can't be living in denver. >> he can show up early like romney did and then prepare. >> you don't need longer than a day. >> so they were both on equal footing. >> he is the president. he can't be in denver and the medicinal marming marg
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clinics. -- marijuana clinic. >> you know what bothers me about chris matthews, him having a stroke on camera with the boxes shows are they doing journalism over there? why is he so emotionally tied to this and upset? >> he was a broken man. >> it all looked like they were suffering altitude sickness. they were pale. >> the commentator, it is not like he is a regular reporter. >> that was pretty hard core. >> wait a second. he said if he wants the facts he should be watching us. if he wants the facts, report the facts and don't be emotionally involved. >> i am tired of facts. isn't everybody tired of fact? all of this talk of fact, oh he didn't have the facts. this morning i was reading the fact checkers. it is a bunch of nonsense. this guy believes this, this guy believes this. that's it, there is no more fact. >> it is absolutely true. i don't even know why they use them anymore with e-mail. you are talking about fax with
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an x, right 1234* get with the 21st century. >> i think we have learned something. >> i have learned a lot. >> i have too. group hug during the break. coming up, what pick up lines work best in bars? diane macedo talks about her recent back, if you even talk to me i will slice your face with a butter knife jie. what are you doing in the bar to twin -- to begin with? >> why one school put cameras on trashcans. i'm sure they have their reasons. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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she was teased over a t. she said she was harassed by wearing a mitt romney t-shirt, by her teacher no less, who likened it to the ku klux klan. what is that? let's let samantha explain. >> i came in and she said, are you wearing a mitt romney shirt? i said yes. she pointed and said get out of the class. i said no. you can't wear a republican shirt in a democratic school. she took a red marker and drew on it, and then told me to take off my shirt, and she would give me a different one. >> the 16-year-old told another station, quote, she said that's like her wearing a kkk shirt. her parents met with the unnamed educator who apologized and explained she was only joking. the school district is investigating the case while the teacher has been moved to another classroom. let's just put her in another class m rue. the crazy lady shouldn't be
12:23 am
teaching. what did the class pets think about this? >> like i said, gay marriage. you have gay marriage and then you have a deer and a kitten hanging out together. the world is going to hell in a kitten basket. liz, the teacher was just making a joke, so we should forget about it. >> why do the teachers say this is a democratic school? well then let the democratic taxpayer pays for. but i love how the family con bt tayed a radio station -- contacted a radio station first. >> that's how you get anything done. >> we just heard an entire debate talking about education over and over again. this is a problem that teachers like this can continue to teachers and because you can't fire them. i'm sure this is why the
12:24 am
parents felt the need to go to a radio station. you can't get anything done. >> that's why that wonderful movie -- >> "rock and roll high school"? >> forget it. "emmanuel 2". that's why that movie is upsetting teachers so much, they are talking about parents taking the school into their own hands and that scares these teachers' unions. tom, you have four or five kids, right? >> i have two. i like this girl's video. ♪ friday ♪ getting down on friday >> she just loves her publicity. >> that wasn't her. >> ♪ front seat ♪ backseat >> can you do that -- >> that was amazing. >> scu do that in -- can you do that in barber shop? >> sure, i just need my three guys. >> you can't do it by yourself? that's the problem with barber shop. >> ♪ backseat
12:25 am
♪ ba, ba, ba. ♪. >> is this what happens when you have dress down at schools? it should be all uniforms. >> all ties all the time, even for the chicks. you know, the teacher is beyond stupid to be doing this. but the parents, the radio thing, this guy you know listen tots zoo crew every morning, and every morning he is trying to get on. finally he sees casual friday and he says, i know how i will get them on. wear this romney shirt. this poor girl was insulted by her schoolmates because daddy wanted to talk to crazy ralph and his array of weird gadgets and noises he does. and all of the voices he does. >> how do you know this? >> he finally got in. you damn democrats. coming up, -- >> how do you know? >> i am assuming. >> that was the world's longest assumption. >> have i more to say -- i
12:26 am
have more to say. >> you just created an lab brail brail -- an elaborate fantasy. the parents are probably really nice, and they probably called the radio station because they knew the teachers and the administrators don't care. you know to go to the media first which is great unless it happens to me. >> where they signed the constitution is what they should teachers and. >> have you ever seen the liberty bell? >> there is a crash in it. there is a crack in it. >> bill knows. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. and do you have a video of your animal doing something that isn't boring? go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. i would like to submit a video. >> it is brought to you by sleep. the state of unconsciousness where the body restores itself.
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thanks, sleep nchts -- thanks, sleep.
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we are back. let's find out if we got anything right so far. >> still have your bus fair 1234*. >> i have my bus. i am the amazing caw loss sal -- collosal beast man. >> nobody ever saw that
12:31 am
movie. >> one day that man will call me. >> he probably will. >> or maybe he will follow me on twitter. >> tweet you. >> he is probably dead. >> don't say that. >> the movie is from the 1950s. >> actually, he was the amazing caw loss sal man. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> you should. people love that movie. >> you can tell by the response. debate stuff. tom, you said the news here was that there was no news that obama is always like this. i totally agree with. he was not a good debater four years ago. hillary pretty much kicked his ass in every debate they had. >> look at the mccain debate. he is not so special. >> but people forget because he can give a really good speech, so they somehow think it is the same thing. they are two completely different skills. i don't like the way you were looking at me when i was
12:32 am
talking that time. >> i have a theory, andy. >> yes, sir. jay president obama -- >> president obama fell into a cool hole. he fell into a cool hole. you know when you are really, really cool and you fall into a cool home? you can't get out? >> this is what annoys me. people say he was too profesorial? no he wasn't. that is a compliment described as a knock. oh he is too smart. he needs to dumb himself down. he is too smart. no good professor would act like he acted in that debate last night. you would walk out of his class. >> what about russell johnson. >> russell t johnson? >> the professor from "gilligan's island." >> he was lecturing the president talking about how disappointed he was in his
12:33 am
student or employee. >> you know i tweeted this last night. it was like a ceo lecturing a grad student. the grand student should have taken notes and asked for an extension. >> what is the movie with the teacher going, anyone? anyone? >> are you american? >> by the way, our producer just said in my ear ferris bueller because there was a good chance i didn't know that. thanks, todd, you racist. >> anyone? anyone? >> i would have said kramer versus kramer. >> a lovely movie. >> fantastic. >> michael richards, excellent in dual roles. bill, you pointed out romney's flag pin was bigger than obama's. did you notice it had a star on it? >> what was the deal with that? >> it was a secret service logo. it was given as a gift by his protective detail. >> you know, i fell into a
12:34 am
cool hole last weekend. >> call me ll. raised out in brooklyn. >> diane, you are right that obama needs to work on his listening face. but what do you suggest? >> not doing what he did. they need to look normal and they need to look genuine. that's perfect. >> it looks like you are paying attention to the other person. >> i think he looks starstruck. >> i think he was -- >> i thought romney looked starstruck, and i thought obama looked like, are you done yet? >> i disagree. i think obama was overwhelmed by mitt romney's gorgeousness. >> you know what, greg, i think he was overprepared. >> yes, he was overprepared. >> that's what it is. >> you want to see my listening face? >> that's pretty good, actually. >> you look like george washington. >> by the way, nobody talked
12:35 am
about jim lehrer. are we going to let that go? >> i agree. you know who should have been the moderator? judge judy. >> i guess we are going to let it go. >> back to me. >> you can't have a back to me face. i am skipping that. i am skipping that. i thought this was an interesting fact, can we take greg off the screen please? >> i don't think he blinked yet. >> he looks like actor rob morrow. >> he hasn't blinked yet. >> are you linsion? >> keep it on, he is holding his breath. >> he is holding his breath. >> he is holding his breath, keep it on him. >> that's amazing. >> don't go back. wait until he turns blue. >> boy, now i know why kids do that. it is fun. i'm totally flying.
12:36 am
>> "the daily" a fine publication says there is a psychologist founded in 1980 the one who blinks the least will win the popular vote. wednesday's debate, obama blinked an average of 75 times a minute, 55 times a minute for romney. so romney blinked less. >> why do you want a candidate who looks like anthony hopkins in "silence of the lambs." i like blinking. it shows are you a human being. if you watch the movie anthony hopkins doesn't blink the entire time. movie fact. >> i don't care. >> you care. it is a fun tact. >> did i get this right, al gore was secretary of cats or something? >> yes of the. >> i did some digging, and he was actually -- he was vice president of the united states. >> no, no, no. i would have seen that. i want to catapedia. >> maybe it is a different
12:37 am
guy. but a guy by that name was -- >> there are two al gores. there is the al gore that ran for president and was vice president, and then there is this guy at current tv who owns a cat store. >> you wouldn't go from being a presidential candidate and then running a tv network with four viewers. >> it is two al gores. >> also greg, you couldn't remember what year obama gave his accentance speech? >> you know, sometimes -- ya. >> it was either 2008 or 2012, right? >> yes. >> and it wasn't 2012. >> all right. >> as diane was trying to explain, you can't say obama's problem was the altitude. but romney didn't have the same problem, and then say oh it takes more than a day or two to acclimate. romney didn't get there until monday night. >> so the debate was wednesday so he had more than a day. >> you said it takes more than
12:38 am
a day or two. >> no, i said more than the day. yes, i did. go to the tape. >> see. >> wait, here is the tape. one day and one day only. guess i won. >> also bill, you said he is the president and he can't get to denver earl early. get to denver early. on tuesday he visited the hoover dam. >> that's what presidents do. >> by the way, -- well never mind. >> the romney shirt in the school. tom, why did you start singing "friday." >> rebecca black, she wore the shirt to school and i like her video. >> okay, i cannot argue with you, sir. there is something wrong with you expwrie. lastly, bill, you accused parents of forcing their kid to wear the romney shirt so they could get on the radio? >> yes. >> you understand you can't do that. >> force your kids to wear --
12:39 am
>> you can't say things like that without them being true when you are on tv. >> i believe this to be true. >> it does president work that way. -- it doesn't work that way. >> i believe it works that way. >> if i don't believe what i speak about, what am i? >> we have been trying to figure that out for years. >> i am a dude. >> you are a sequential hemaphrodite. >> are you a dude for eight hours and then not a dude for eight hours. >> this is the eight hours where i am a dude, america. >> i looked it up and couldn't find it. >> i never got to the bottom of it. >> it is hard to get to the bottom of a sequential hemaphrodite. >> i will look at my papers until you are done. >> i was done a longtime ago. >> cool. >> go away. should unattractive people get to vote? diane maced 0* said yes, but
12:40 am
count it as half. do overweight dogs and cats need their own clinic? adorable dog.
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should they put cans on their cans? well a florida school district is -- school district, is there any other kind? >> they are considering installing surveillance cameras in cafeterias to monitor what foods students are throwing in the garbage. this after the board says they discovered that $75,000 of vegetables have been thrown away. that is 75 $1,000 bills. the icky veggies are part of the administration's policy forming schools to provide the food in lunchrooms. but they will push back against the federal guidelines that one federal administrator that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. this is just a tool to help us document the use.
12:44 am
whatever. god i just ran out of energy. let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuunnnddd. lightning round. >> i would like to apologize to the viewing public for not selling that story. i didn't feel like reading that quote. anyway, tom, what do you make of this survey lens vegetable scandal. >> that was quite a quote. >> repeat it. >> he was from the school and he said what good is it supplying all of these vegetables if they are throwing them away. it is a waste of taxpayer dollars. he is right. you rarely hear the truth from a school administrator. give this man an award. i was saying this since i was in school and we had to eat the rainbow coleslaw. why is it rainbow? they had to dye it a different color. >> was -- wasn't it just red and green cabbage?
12:45 am
>> that too. >> your world is blowing up jie. we threw it away is what i am saying. do you remember when reagan tried to classify ketchup as a vegetable, and you never heard the end. as a school student i thought, that is terrible. then i grew up and realized just put the ketchup on the plate because that's what kids want to eat. give them a tomato and they throw it away. >> and ketchup is a tomato, liz. >> i want to know what happens when they are caught on camera? what do you think happens? >> they get beaten. >> do they eat that food? >> no, they are beaten on their hands and the bottom of the feet. that doesn't leave bruises. >> i learned that with my house boys over the years. >> although if you are interested in seeing this it is a front run by the fbi. >> diane, what do you make of this? is this more intrusion in people's lives? or is it a way to save money?
12:46 am
>> the school has a big problem with this, and they should just do what they normally do. talk to the government and say this is a waste of money. i'm not sure why cameras are needed to reinforce the point that kids aren't eating their fruits and vegetables. when i was in school there were various choices. you bought your food and you got to pick and choose what you ate out of the collection. why is it the students are forced to eat fruits and vegetables. i would have assumed they would have purchased them. >> you had a wonderful school with all of these choices. we just had a piece of pizza. >> and the rainbow coleslaw jie. we had to make the pizza ourselves. joy we didn't have lunches until junior high. grammar school you brought your lunch. if you forgot it they put a tub of peanut butter and ritz crackers out. >> offer the fruit or vegetable as an option for the kid to purchase it.
12:47 am
>> what a waste of money to put the camera on the trashcan. >> what they do is -- don't put the camera on the trashcan, put it on the kids. the kids have to watch themselves eating. it gets all over and stains on their shirt. once they see that, maybe they will slim down. those big tubs of lard. >> how dare you attack america's children? joy i am going to -- >> i am going to because they can't chase me. >> we have to take a break. we have a disgusting video we are going to show you at the break. personally i find it offensive.
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last topic. on tuesday, a university of texas frat member held a press conference to deny reports that he landed in the hospital after butt chugging wine. that's where you take in alcohol by chugging in the
12:52 am
butt to increase the affect. >> when mr. bach went into his hospital room at the university of tennessee medical center he asked zhan deer -- xander if he had been butt chugging. and xander's comment was what in the world is that? ladies and gentlemen, that is the first time that he had ever heard of the two words butt chugging which had you no become two famous words across the united states. he denies each and every allegation whatsoever that has been inferred that he may be a gay man. he is a straight man, and he thinks the idea and the concept of butt chugging is absolutely repulsive. >> can you clarify what did happen that day? >> it is a long story. >> it is a long story.
12:53 am
>> i'm sure it is. >> he was butt siping. that's all he was doing. >> he went to a butt winery. >> bit in the bucket afterward. >> it was a butt wine tasting. >> i have to point out that this practice -- i don't know what is happening in schools these days that this is something people do. i used to drink through my mouth. you got really drunk putting it in your mouth. you don't have to put it in your ass. you could die. it absorbs faster and you could die of alcohol poisoning. >> i also felt like i was watching the movie "men in black." who are those guys ? >> those are frat guys with a serious face. >> and if the wine is not strong enough to get you drunk, just drink vodka. i don't know why that was thal earn it tiff. it is not like, oh, i need a stronger alcohol. i know what i will do. i will drink it from there. >> then they say, you know what is faster if i butt chug
12:54 am
vodka. >> what is wrong with these people? >> it is terrible this horse play is going on. >> horse play? >> i heard about this stuff in the 1970s. i thought they stopped this nonsense. >> i don't know. >> it did happen in the 1970s. back in my day the world was divided between people who had inserted things in other people's rectums and people who had had things inserted. >> back in your day. >> there are two kinds of people in this world. >> you wanted to be on one side of the equation. >> i don't know on what side i want to be on. bill, what side are you? >> i have been the chugger and been the chugy. i have lifted the bottle and been a resepta cal. i am with tom. i don't understand what kind
12:55 am
of things these kids are doing these days. >> i am shocked and dismayed and disturbed by these fraternity people. this reminds me, when you were young, you never drank because you enjoyed drinking. you ingested alcohol to dwet wasted. you never even liked the taste until you game an adult. and then you said, i actually like beer. i actually like wine. prior to that it was disgusting. >> i don't like beer. >> you are different. we have to take a break. we will close things up with andy levy. we will andy chug. to see recent clips go to fox eye.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
see you back here at 5:00 p.m. coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." we is a patti ann browne. greg probst will be here. yay, i like him.
12:59 am
>> and back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> tom, the show is over? >> you lived in a simpler time, didn't ?u. >> we had swimming holes and -- >> that's what you called them? >> all right. what you got? >> nothing. i don't know. i'm tom shalou. >> well spoken, sir. >> liz, what was your favorite debate moment ever in history? >> you know what i was thinking about? we have the ryan-biden debates coming up. remember the lieberman-chain -- cheney debate? one person joked and said, i see dead people. i think this will be more exciting. >> all right. diane, where can people see and/or hear new the morning? >> imus in the morning and i also do fo
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